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The Kultured Misfits Atelier Overshirt is a "Chore" Style shirt jacket is a staple for the season. worn by the blue-collar classes of American farmers and factory workers. The boxy, loose-fitting silhouette, is comprised of two-pockets; an extended collar, sometimes flipped to protect the neck from sunburn; and a front-buttoned enclosure. It is fully lined with polyester for smooth and comfortable wear and comes in a slightly oversized fit.


  • Unisex Overshirt
  • Embroidered Applique Logo on Back
  • Chest & Side Pockets
  • Buttons Closure
  • Oversized fit


FW 22' - "Work in Progress"

The Kultured Misfits Atelier is epicenter of creativity, community and the ongoing temporary pop-up destination of Kultured Misfits Clothing Collection.  The Atelier is the creative house that represents our story as a brand and a community. This is a space that our customers can walk into and immediately experience our brand ethos of relatable luxury.

"WIP" - Work in Progress is the ninth collection by Kultured Misfits and premiered with the Kultured Misfits Atelier moniker.

“Work In Progress" continues to tell the Kultured Misfits story that we are all discovering pieces of ourself along the way. Taking a look at the world through an artistic lens; we all start as blank canvas that are being molded and evolving based on our surroundings. Sometimes you just have to find the beauty in what life gives you & acknowledge that we are all a work in progress. 

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