Expanding knowledge through experience can be the most rewarding journey a person can embark upon. Living a kultured life opens a vast amount of doors and challenges perspective, but to live a kultured life enriches the quality of your life in such a unique way. We could go on to discuss the many ways in which you can live a kultured life, but we would rather show you. 

Kultured Life : The Series shows individuals living their truth and thriving within their element. No matter what their story may be, they embody the essential qualities of a misfit. This series showcases Kultured Misfit’s finest as they tell their story of how they deviated from the norm and took their life into their own hands.  The quality of your life is not an indicator of how much you have, but what you do with it. Freedom to be who you are and enjoy every minute of it is valuable. We wanted to depict that through a introducing individuals who share the same sentiment. 


Zephaniah Terry is known as model, dancer, and amateur middleweight boxer in Kennesaw, Ga. He take high interest in all three categories and has accomplished a lot in all three. With his dancing, he's performed and has been an opener for people like SoMo and Dej Loaf. Zephaniah has also choreographed several dance concept videos that have been recognized by people like Trevor Jackson. On the modeling aspect, he's came from amateur troupe modeling, to being signed with an agency in New York City. He's also modeled for people such as Belk, Royal Republic, and Kultured Misfits. As of now he is a freelance model looking for the right management. Zephaniah has a lot of potential in this industry, there is a lot left to see. 


Elgin is an Atlanta-based Urban Contemporary artist originally from New Orleans, Elgin grew up immersed in one of the world's most renown melting pots of live music. Elgin won Sony Music Entertainment's "A&R Southern Talent Expo" and was awarded by Grammy-Winning recording artist Faith Evans and Grammy-winning producer Brad Todd. Elgin has over 103,000 Youtube views, performed at Atlanta's famous Fox Theatre in addition to numerous college tours including major SEC, Old Dominion, Sunbelt, and The Big South conference universities. Since Elgin's creative evolution, he has reinvented himself as an innovative and compellingly versatile artist of the future. Elgin's live show is described as electrifying, fearless, and captivating often being compared to the influences of Michael Jackson, Robert Plant, and James Brown. 

Elgin's sound entices rhythmic bass & synth grooves supported by crisp interweaving of 808 kicks, sizzling hi-hats and commanding snare hits; All this taking place under the unapologetically catchy & clever rapping/vocal melodies.

Elgin's music film "ANNA" pays homage to the 80's retro sound while incorporating rap & dance in a modern way.

The latest single "Phoenix" is an atmospheric dreamland.


Olivier is a hip hop artist based out Atlanta who aspires to use his music to inspire others through the events he's been through and to share his faith.


Bio coming soon.