F/W 17' Release : Born In 199X Collection

A Kultured Misfits is both the successful and failed entrepreneurs, the creative influencers (trendsetters vs. followers), and teacher. The education level of these individuals range from the student who followed their independent study towards their passion and the college graduate who seeks changes and has a desire to be apart of it. The culturally aware individual who loves contemporary art, music, film, travel and culture. Our latest collection, “Born In 199X” taps into the style, ego, confidence and attitude that was born in the 90’s and gives it a modern day twist.

We introduce the “Born In 199X” Collection.

From the resurgence of Cross Colours to the success of hit musicians like TLC, Tupac, Biggie, NWA and Michael Jackson to the new hit series, The Breaks, 1990s hip hop culture is having a major comeback. “Born In 199X” speaks to the mindset found in the 90’s, the kultural transformation that took place through art, music and sports. From our bold aesthetic to our “Never Fit In” attitude, this collection is our love letter to the days of true individuality and empowerment. This collection is all about the power of self-identity, defying labels and being okay with not fitting in; full inspired by the attitude that the 90’s kulture inspired.