Letter From the Founder & Creative Director (Women's History Month Special)

How it started & How it's going.

The beginning was undergrad. I had some amazing experiences in college that really changed my point of view and shaped how I saw the world. The people I was surrounded by were always creating or living to create moments and experiences. I transferred schools my senior year to move closer to a big city. My dreams were to work in music and entertainment; small college towns just weren't it. When I left, I realized I had to make all new friends and see what this new school was about, and felt this unexpected creative void.


So fast forward to graduation (2014), and as I was looking for my first job, I needed something creative to ground me again. I've always dreamt of having a brand of some kind, but struggled with names for it. I wanted it to have a  meaning to me (at the very least.) As I reminisced on the days I felt most free and thought about where I was, who I was with, what were our conversations, etc. all the experiences I had in college all came back. I remembered how in-sync everyone was, but also how dramatically different we all were from one another. Like our ethnicities, our cultures, our beliefs, our up-brings, our definitions of success, the challenges we all faced to get to where we were, we were all different. We would talk, debate, laugh, share our art of poetry, music, rap and walk away after every chill session having learned something new. We cultured one another. I joke and say that if a professor or someone had walked passed the room we gathered in, they would have thought something strange was happening because we didn't look like we should have all been friends. We were the "misfits" of campus.


And so there it was, Kultured Misfits, that's what we were. Initially it served as an outlet and passion project, but quickly became more. Kultured Misfits was conceived through late nights spent searching for meaning and purpose, inspired by a group of friends who would spend hours sharing their art with one another, daring to challenge their view point; but ultimately embracing who they were wholeheartedly and encouraging everyone around them to do the same.


By spring of 2015, Kultured Misfits had developed with a primary vision to create a community that could provide an identity for those who know that they Were Never Meant to Fit In.


Fast forward to now, I just want to have an impact. I want to share and tell stories from a perspective that is relatable to anyone who embraces the never fit in attitude. Each collection we release tells the story of a Kultured Misfits.