Rolling Out Feature : CEO of Kultured Misfits clothing brand breaks down her creative process

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CEO of Kultured Misfits clothing brand breaks down her creative process.

Lindsay Barnette shares what inspires her color combinations and slogans.

Kultured Misfits is a unisex streetwear clothing brand created by fashion designer Lindsay Barnette. The Kennesaw State University graduate launched her Atlanta-based brand in 2015 to encourage wearers to believe that what makes them different makes them better.

Barnette explained the inspiration for the name of the brand, why it’s critical to have a team, and what inspires her creations.

How did you come up with the name of the brand?

I was inspired by a group of friends I had while I was in college. I would identify us as “kultured misfits” and in that meaning, we were a unique group. If you looked at us we didn’t look like we should all be friends. It was different backgrounds, races, religions, and belief systems. We would meet and kind of hang out regularly and have these in-depth conversations with one another just about life, challenges we’ve been through, things we’ve gone through, travel experiences we’ve had, and I was always like, “we are a weird group.”

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