2017 KM Gift Giving Guide : 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For a Kultured Misfits

2017 KM Gift Giving Guide : 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For a Kultured Misfits

December 12, 2017

It’s Christmas time again, stores are filling up, wallets are busting at the seams and people are starting their holiday shopping. We wanted to help your find that perfect gift for the Kultured Misfit in your life with our gift giving guide :


1. “Legalize Free College” Crewneck - $45.00

For those who hate taking out a student loan for higher education and for those who have been left to pay it for the majority of their lives, this is for you!

P.S. All proceeds go to our LFC Scholarship Fund. 2018 Scholarship will be announced in Early January. For More Information on the scholarship, Click Here.



2. “Fresh Prince” Distressed Denim Jacket - $100.00

For those who know they “Were Never Meant To Fit In”, love to “Defy Labels” and are always aiming to “Redefine the Kulture”… With a little added flair with the Fresh Prince Academy Blazer inspired pocket square … this one is for you!



3. “For The Kulture” Graphic Tee - $33.00

For those who love to be apart of Pop Kulture in their daily lives. And for those who work to "Do It For The Kulture" at all costs. This one is for you!




4. “199X” Graphic Tee, Crewneck or Coaches Jacket - $33.00 - $45.00 - $80.00

For those whose love of every aspect of 90’s kulture, those who were truly inspired by all things 90’s or those who were simply just “Born In” the 90’s … reflect on the good o’le days with a few items from our "Born In 199X" collection.


And last but not least…



5. “NIK” Graphic Tee - $25.00

For those who are simply lovers of music and culture and not prison bound to one genre. For those who aren’t trying to be stuck in a box but rather willing to explore other kultures. For those who’ve been told they can’t or shouldn’t or couldn’t based on someone else’s image of them. This One Is For You!


Find the right gift for the "Kultured Misfit" in your life this holiday season and shop with us!

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