Kultured Life : The Series - Episode 1 - Jaiva Crawford

Expanding knowledge through experience can be the most rewarding journey a person can embark upon. Living a kultured life opens a vast amount of doors and challenges perspective, but to live a kultured life enriches the quality of your life in such a unique way. We could go on to discuss the many ways in which you can live a kultured life, but we would rather show you. 

Kultured Life : The Series shows individuals living their truth and thriving within their element. No matter what their story may be, they embody the essential qualities of a misfit. This series showcases Kultured Misfit’s finest as they tell their story of how they deviated from the norm and took their life into their own hands.  The quality of your life is not an indicator of how much you have, but what you do with it. Freedom to be who you are and enjoy every minute of it is valuable. We wanted to depict that through a introducing individuals who share the same sentiment. 

Join us as we introduce you to individuals who are more than artists, students, or whatever label society has given them. These people are kultured misfits in their truest form. 

Thanks to the creative direction of the Kultured Misfits team, we are proud to present Kultured Life The Series!